BT下载工具 BitTorrent Pro v7.10.0.44091

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BT下载工具 BitTorrent Pro v7.10.0.44091

BitTorrent 下载工具软件可以说是一个最新概念 P2P 的下载工具、它采用了多点对多点的原理,一般简称 BT(BitTorrent) 也就是大家所说的变态下载。该软件相当的特殊,一般我们下载文件或软件,大都由 HTTP 站点或FTP 站台下载,若同时间下载人数多时,基于该服务器带宽的因素,速度会减慢许多,而该软件却不同,恰巧相反,同时间下载的人数越多你下载的速度便越快,因为它采用了多点对多点的传输原理。

BitTorrent Pro
An ad-free upgrade that includes file conversion, anti-virus, and an HD media player built in.

Stream Instantly*

Watch or preview torrents as they download, without waiting for the completed file.

Automatic anti-virus protection

BitTorrent Pro automatically scans and screens your torrent content for viruses and malware. It’s designed to keep your library, and your PC, safe.

Convert files for tablets, phones & TVs

Convert downloads for play on your iPhone, iPad, iPod, XBox, Playstation, Apple TV, or Android device.

Remote, secure access to files

BitTorrent Pro lets you open and manage media files from any device, even when you’re away from your home screen.

Ultra-fast file delivery

Our technology breaks big files down into small pieces. The files are then downloaded, piece by piece, from one or many different sources. Since the files are broken down into tiny bites, you use less bandwidth. Which means your downloads move a lot faster.

Free, unlimited downloading

With BitTorrent, there are no limits to the number of files you can download, or the amount of data you can move.

Built-in bandwidth booster

BitTorrent auto-adjusts bandwidth usage, based on your network and Internet connection, to ensure fast file delivery. Your downloads run in the background. Which means they’ll never slow down video chats or game play.

BT下载工具 BitTorrent Pro v7.10.0.44091

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断网运行(否则会后台下载捆绑软件哦) BitTorrent_v7.10.0.44091.exe 安装
复制 BitTorrent Pro 目录下的所有文件到安装目录 %appdata%\BitTorrent

运行 创建快捷方式.cmd 创建桌面快捷方式

BT下载工具 BitTorrent Pro v7.10.0.44091



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